Degree’s dissertation

In 2008 I finished attending to the lessons of Ingeniería en Informática (Computer Science Engineering) at University Carlos III de Madrid.

The final part of those studies was to do a research project during the last four months (although I started far earlier). My project consisted on porting the Irrlicht graphics engine to the Nokia N95 mobile phone.

I chose this project because I had no previous experience with neither OpenGL nor the S60 platform, and I wanted to learn. I also though the project to be interesting because no other open source graphics engine for mobile platforms existed at the time.

The project was finally a success in that I was awarded the highest possible honors and it was praised for its review of the state of the art and the complexity of the task undertaken.

Development of a rendering engine for mobile platforms

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The main merits of this project are:

  • Add OpenGL ES 1.x support to Irrlicht
    • This required recoding all Irrlicht features in OpenGL ES 1.x, overcoming its limitations
  • Add S60 support to Irrlicht
    • I had to learn the S60 Windows Manager’s API
    • I used EGL
    • I had to adapt the input methods (there is neither mouse nor QWERTY keyboard on the target phone)
  • Ensure the C++ Irrlicht code was compatible with the Symbian C++ rules (there were some issues).