MSc CGVI’s dissertation

In 2009-2010 I was a student of UCL (University College London) where I studied a MSc in Computer Graphics Vision and Imaging.

The final part of those studies was to do a research project during the summer months. Mine was about single scattering models for hair rendering.

In case you intend to compare this project with other projects done in different years, please keep in mind that before 2010 five months were devoted to the research project instead of just three.

Implementation and Analysis of Single Scattering Models for Hair Rendering

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This project accomplishes four main goals:

  • Explain the derivation of the Marschner’s model in great detail, by using Zinke’s mathematical framework
  • Derive a generalized version of Marschner’s that was hinted by Zinke (but its derivation was not provided)
  • Implement Kajiya-Kay, Marschner and Zinke models for real-time shading
  • Compare the tree models (actually four, since I found two versions of Kajiya-Kay model

Please, refer to the dissertation’s text for more information. A video of the application in action can be seen in Youtube.